Having written songs since the age of ten, it was only last year that Elyar started to produce music with his brother, under the moniker SVFARI. Seeking a comfortable place, they would make music in a studio they built themselves in their own back garden of their London home.

Icy, polished and inventive R&B followed. Significant attention from tastemakers incl. PIGEONS & PLANES, WONDERLAND and THE LINE OF BEST FIT for his debut releases ‘Beautiful Human’, ‘Switch Your Love’ and ‘For Something You Love’ as SVFARI, Elyar decided it was time to identify himself for the release of his debut EP. The music he had made as SVFARI had been freed him enough to allow him to recognise his own sound, and was proud enough of it to put his name to it. 

Elyar now releases the fourth and final instalment – his debut EP itself called ‘SVFARI’ to acknowledge the journey he had been on to get here. The accomplished, sprawling scope of the ‘SVFARI’ EP combined with Elyar’s unique tones and lyricism should cement the young artist’s reputation – whatever his moniker – as one of London’s premiere emerging talents.





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