An enthralling new artist emerges in the form of Sailing Stones. The moniker of Jenny Lindfors, an Irish native transplanted to London.

Sailing Stones’ early days in the city she says felt like an endless walk through impersonal, towering landscapes. Dislocated from her homeland and cowed by the city’s unforgiving nature, she would hole up alone for days in the studio: self-recording and self-producing at the Laundry. She was in search of her own sonic backdrop, finding it difficult to verbalise her ideas and feelings, too visual and personal to explain. She realised it was her duty to create it herself.

What has emerged then, on her own terms, is an artist and sound no less captivating and hardened than an early Julie Byrne or Laura Marling. Living the stripe-earning traditions of a travelling musician, it’s Sailing Stones solemnity and frankness lyrically that set her in the select group of female singer/songwriters possessing of something special. Wanderer, loner, romantic – ‘The Blazing Sun’ flows river-like towards its source of feeling.

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