Ryan Louder


Multi-Platinum producer and artist Ryan Louder (Dido/Pixie Lott/Troye Sivan) directed the video to his recent release “Ain’t No Other Way” – an intense, hard-hitting aesthetic that matches the tone and attitude of the track. Banned by YouTube on grounds of “Shocking content”, there are no real reasons for it – especially considering that the video platform will happily promote disturbing horror trailers for films, for example.

Ryan believes it is due to the amount of money he’s able to put into promoting it, prompting YouTube to make an ill thought out decision and ban it. Ryan states that as YouTube and other big online companies effectively “own the doorway to expressing art online, they cannot act like some kind of dictatorship and ban a music video because it does not sit comfortably with them, unless, of course, it has a large promotion budget for them. Art should not be banned because it’s powerful or hard-hitting.”  

“I wrote “Ain’t No Other Way” after having experienced and witnessed bouts of depression and how all-encompassing and drowning it can be. This song represents that feeling. It actually has an underlying positivity though; depression can be a series of very intense, self-reflective moments – which can be enlightening.”

The line in his first offering, “Ain’t No Other Way”: “I guess we’re all gonna die one day” came to him one such enlightening moment. “Something about that line helped pull me out of a dark place.”, he states. Coming through with a Tom Waits-style vocal, honest and raw, Ryan layers this over a crunching, electronic instrumental that beguiles and entraps in equal measure.

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