The Pearl Harts

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“A serious ear for dynamic riffs and gigantic tunes.” – THE NME

“The Pearl Harts have a visceral quality which is difficult to deny” – CLASH

“They kick ass. There’s no better way to put it. An unimaginable amount of noise.” – THE405

The bond between The Pearl Harts existed before they had even played together. Meeting on the road while in other acts, Kirsty and Sara ran away from their previous lives and now simply describe themselves as outlaws. Singing about making deals with the devil, the open road, bad acid trips, and long youthful summers,

The Pearl Harts write timeless songs with choruses you can yell and riffs that won’t leave you in peace. Shortly after they put on their first show at infamous rock hangout Crobar, the duo were spun on BBC, XFM and Absolute radio and garnering online support on both sides of the pond. In an era overflowing with auto-tuned talent show wannabes and electro pop flops the honest rawness of The Pearl Harts cuts through like a razor.

Following a short hiatus, Kirsty and Sara are back with “Go Hard” – unleashing the visceral, muscular form that is hard to compare. For fans of Eagles of Death Metal, Juliette and The Licks and Black Sabbath, their heavy, unapologetic approach prove that The Pearl Harts are still Going Hard.


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