Mars Moniz


Born Emanuel Da Silva Moniz in Lisbon, Portugal – Mars moved to the UK at the tender age of two to live with his uncle after the death of his mother and disappearance of his father. By the time he was four, Mars was in foster care, living with three different families before being relocated to London aged seven. It was his older foster brother that encouraged him to explore music; Emanuel took up production aged just fifteen.

Like a lot of teenagers in the inner city, Mars became immersed in grime and hip-hop culture as part of the ‘Game Over’ crew. Comprised of 9 rappers and 2 producers, they quickly achieved local celebrity status with Mars being touted as the stand out producer in his area. Unfortunately, the teenage Mars faced some adversities and struggled to channel his creativity – but his desire to succeed in music became his biggest driving force, a need to prove that his god- given skill would be his ticket out.

Having produced for New Crowd (Girls Aloud, The Saturdays) & Arrow Benjamin (BeyonceRunnin’) as well as making chart-worthy smashes for the likes of Ed Sheeran amongst others, Mars is now stepping into the limelight on his own two feet. His debut release “Face The Music” features is coming out on All Around The World and features Bluey Robinson.


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