The Swedish domination of pop concepts continues with this brilliantly tongue-in-cheek star from Malmo. The young singer comes through with perhaps the sharpest and most satirical alter-ego of recent times in her Instagram-obsessed princess displayed in her debut track ‘Me, My Selfie and I’.
A curious gem of a first track, contagious, hilarious, biting and beautiful. Like Petite Meller and with echoes of early Lilly Allen before her, Luxia brings a beautifully fractured vision through incredible pop music. The most offbeat, outlandish popstar to emerge onto the scene in years, Luxia self-admittedly grew up in an unstable home with with drug and alcohol-abusing parents, admitting “I’ve had problems with depression, anxiety and anger issues but had no help, because I haven’t asked for any until recently. I’ve been told I have borderline personality disorder – I’ve been talking to a psychologist for about a year; I’m grateful. It helps alot.

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