Jordan Bratton

JORDAN BRATTONJordan Bratton is more than just an artist but a music machine. The raw vocalist has attained over 40000 plays on SoundCloud with new album ‘The Grey Area.’  The body of work is more than just music but art at it best, a small demonstration of Jordan’s many talents as he produced and wrote all the content.

Hailing from trendsetting concrete jungle, New York Jordan’s music draws from the likes of lyrical magician, Frank Ocean and vocal meddler, The Weeknd. Prior to the release of ‘The Grey Area,’ Jordan released bangers such as ‘Midnight Rage, Black Fever and ‘Danger’ that have all been well received by many online. Not only is this a representation of the artist’s consistency but of the Jordan Bratton effect that is one not to be missed in 2014!





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