Having spent some length of time in the studio, J*DaVeY do not disappoint on their return. In ‘Strong Anticipation’ they present an exciting, supremely produced soundscape comprised of an amalgamation of dark swelling electronic bass synths, deep padded percussion, and an infectious, almost hypnotic, but deeply melodic vocal. It’s little wonder that the pair were personally invited by Prince to open for him at his 3121 Club, there is no debating the integrity and credibility of the artistry here.

Three years since the release of critically-acclaimed debut ‘New Designer Drug’, J*DaVeY return keen to push further boundaries, and explore the depths of the left-field in pop music. Intelligent and challenging, this is a sound for music fanatics, a brave and bold step in a new direction for a legendary duo bursting with new ideas and creativity, reluctant to settle for any single winning formula.



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