Grand Wa Zoo

grand wa zoo press shotgrand wa zoo press shot


Jay , Ryo, and Lili are Grand Wa Zoo.

The group, which has been together since the start of 2012, takes its influence from 90’s hip hop, putting their own stamp on the UK sound and the international scene.  Hailing from North West London, the crew have all forged their own paths to GWZ, all learning skills along the way, allowing them to contribute to the group in different ways. Their style is distinct and different – exciting and full of life, studied and well-delivered.

The group’s name comes from one of Ryo’s childhood influences, Frank Zappa. Although the name of a Zappa album, they give it their own meaning – “’Grand’, then ‘Wa’ which means peace(ful)/harmony in Japanese, and ‘Zoo’ which relates to us, the world, and the people around us. “

Both Jay and Ryo rhyme, and, together with Lili’s smooth singing, the group have a unique sound, full of real emotion and soul. With fresh new lyrics, and some amazing music, Grand Wa Zoo are on their way to the top.

Get ready.



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