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FourSix is a music conglomerate that is developing their own sound. They are a very energetic (some would even say rowdy) bunch whose music is as infectious as their individual and collective personalities. Spear headed by in-house producers Jahnei and Amoedo, they create music that is equal parts catchy and innovative. They are your average college kids who just want to turn up and have fun. The group is comprised of 7 artists: Amoedo, Ashlee, J-Pay$o, Jahnei, Verde Madera, Zach Day and Zino.

Foursix’s debut video and single “Favors” featuring Verde Madera and J-Pay$o. The video is Foursix’s personification of the dynamic nature of the 9-5 lifestyle.  Foursix is an eclectic music collective and art label out of New York comprised of Amoedo, Ashlee, J-Pay$o, Jahnei, Verde Madera, Zach Day, and Zino. Each member’s distinct individuality helps to create an uncanny chemistry and energy when they all link up.


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