Cardboard Foxes

After years of creating music using makeshift instruments as kids, brothers Rich & Ben graduated to producing music full-time, taking their craft to the next level. Often finding themselves writing and recording for other aspiring artists, the brothers made the call to create music for themselves and subsequently became Cardboard Foxes.

Moving from an initial pop/electro sound, the brothers now find themselves with a much richer, more mature sound. Since this time, Cardboard Foxes have been releasing tracks from their upcoming debut album set for release in 2017/2018. For their second release this year, ‘No More Lies’ erupts with a huge vocal from the legendary Damon C Scott (Storm Queen), following on from ‘Freefall’ – supported heavily by BBC Radio 1 and  MTV.

‘No More Lies’ is another ambitious, uplifting, melodic banger – with Damon’s iconic tone and vibe blending perfectly with the track’s old-school warehouse feel. Moving into the Spring and Summer months this promises to be a serious contender for feelgood club track of the season.


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